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Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Nursing (Transforming Nursing Practice Series)

This is an excellent book. It has been really helpful with my communication teaching.' Mrs Sarah Young, Faculty of Health & Social Care, University of The West of England The new edition of this well regarded book will be useful to you for your entire course. It introduces the underpinning theory and concepts required for the development of first class communication and interpersonal skills. The authors have provided a simple-to-read overview of the central topics that provide a solid foundation in this crucial area of nursing practice. Through scenarios and theory summaries the book will teach you skills that you can immediately implement on your placements and regular activities break up the text and encourage critical thinking and reflection - two vital graduate skills. Editorial Reviews
  • Bach, Shirley
  • Learning Matters
  • 2015
  • 208
  • 9781473902572
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