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Practical MR Mammography

The future of breast diagnosis MRI is a high-resolution, noninvasive diagnostic tool that is becoming increasingly important in the emotionally charged field of breast diagnosis. Nevertheless, only a relative handful of centers offer this modality, which: - Combines high reproducibility with patient comfort - Can exclude invasive carcinomas as small as 5 mm with a high degree of confidence - Can resolve contradictions among clinical findings, conventional mammographic findings, and percutaneous biopsy From one of the leading centers in MR mammography comes this handsome, practice-oriented teaching atlas that does much more than present pictorial information. Written for radiologists in advanced training or continuing education, it contains more than 500 illustrations that offer clear answers to the questions: When should I use MR mammography? Numerous sample indications (e.g., equivocal overall findings, preoperative staging, follow-up), MR-assisted interventions, implant evaluation, etc. How do I conduct the examination? Informed consent, patient preparation, patient positioning, equipment settings, clear instructions on timing, conduct, and protocols. How do I make an accurate diagnosis? Interpretive criteria with typical contrast enhancement patterns and signal characteristics, evaluation protocols, pitfalls and artifacts, sample images correlated with four-color histology, and direct comparison of conventional mammograms and breast ultrasound.
  • Fischer
  • Thieme Publishing Group
  • 2003
  • 223
  • 9783131320315
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