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Cosmetic Surgery Today
For millennia, men and women have turned to surgical and cosmetic aids in the pursuit of well-being through physical beauty. Indeed many of the procedures performed by todays aesthetic plastic surgeons have their origins in places and cultures as remote as ancient Egypt and Rome. Written with candor and compassion, Cosmetic Surgery Today presents clear descriptions of the latest techniques, including face lifting, nose correction, liposuction, breast augmentation, reconstructive surgery, procedures specifically for male patients, hair transplantation, and many more. Before-and-after photos clearly show what is involved in each procedure. Cosmetic Surgery Today provides the background necessary for an intelligent, informed discussion about aesthetic surgery that will interest not only potential patients, but also medical professionals in other fields, journalists, stylists, make-up artists, and anyone interested in this much-discussed, but often poorly understood field. Packed with accessible, practical information, this unique resource is a fascinating exploration of the true nature of beauty and well-being and the vital role aesthetic surgery can play in achieving it. Editorial Reviews From the Publisher The strength of this book, reflecting 25 years of experience, is the difficult overall care of the patient who is looking for cosmetic improvement. Therefore, any interested reader, trainee or established practitioner in this difficult field of human aesthetics, will like this book, will read it with interest and enthusiasm, and will greatly profit.--European Journal of Plastic Surgery Doody's Review Service Reviewer: Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, MD (Bridgeport Hospital) Description: Philosophy, sociology, structural anatomy, art, science, and both the historical and modern approaches to beauty, within the scope of cosmetic surgery, are but a few of the topics addressed in the pages of this thoughtful and well written book. Purpose: If there is one raison d'etre for this book, it is to unveil how an artist can commingle the scientific principles of cosmetic surgery with a vision of what comprises true beauty. It is both a historical travelogue and philosophical discourse that emphasizes the multiple needs of the patient from emotional, psychological, and physical vantage points. Audience: The author imparts some of his 25 years of wisdom in the field of plastic surgery to his readers. The book, a veritable cornucopia of information, highlights an enlightened approach from which practicing aesthetic surgeons will have the most to gain; however, students or residents may also benefit. Features: Diagrams and instructive photos are thoughtfully sprinkled among the historical, philosophical, and practical underpinnings of the five chapters in this book. A brief historical of cosmetic surgery uses the enigmatic face of the Mona Lisa as the launching point for this initial chapter. Subsequent parts of the book are thematically grouped: general principles of patient-physician contact and care, aesthetic plastic operations, and reconstructive surgery. The final two chapters discuss the complicated nuances that influence our values and perception of the human form and the mystifying quality that we call beauty. Assessment: This book skillfully incorporates the various components of a surgical rejuvenation procedure with its profound effect upon the human psyche.
  • Panfilov, Dimitrije
  • Thieme Verlag
  • 2005
  • 217
  • 9781588903341
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