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My Word Coach-Wii

Working closely with applied linguist Dr. Tom Cobb of UQAM University, the award-winning Ubisoft Montreal studio developed My Word Coach to provide a fun and engaging path for all ages to increasing their personal communication skill set. While the Nintendo Wii version takes advantage of the Nintendo Wii remote through fun mini-games and easy-to-use controls, the Nintendo DS version makes use of the systems unique touch screen. Six training exercises help players improve their skills, including Missing Letter, Split Decision, Cereal Letter, Block Letter, Word Shuffle and Safecracker.
  • Three levels of difficulty, including new game features within each, allow people of all skill levels to play the game and learn ... perhaps you're not as smart as you thought!
  • Put your vocabulary to the ultimate test by challenging up to three friends in five exciting multiplayer games.
  • Four different coaches with their own unique personalities and attitudes will help guide and track your potential and progress.
    • Ubisoft
    • Ubisoft
    • 2007
    • 3307210257727
    19.5 Euro   1,199 Денари.

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