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Markets Never Forget But People do

Brief introduction of"Markets Never Forget But People do"": Buffetts junior fellow apprentice teaches you how to train your eyes to find the bull market with history as a mirror! Why was that the bull market began to rise in 2002 and reached its peak in 2007, and the global stock market soared 161%? What kind of sudden wealth point appeared in the V-shaped reversal trend in the stock market during this period? Is there inevitable link between the stock market rebound and the economic recovery? Why the rise of U.S. stocks in 2010 was not accompanied by economic recovery? Today, if the increasing recovery of Chinese economy indicates that rebound trend of A-share market is gradually taking shape? Why could Buffett accurately sell stocks of PetroChina before the outbreak of the financial crisis? What was his secret to buy the dips of A shares, buy a large stake in BYD and earn $1.3 billion? What kind of mystery is hidden between seemingly independent cases? In what way the code hidden in the ups and downs of stock market and the boom and bust of economy plays a role? The author of"Markets Never Forget But People do"", Ken Fisher, a world-renowned investment guru comes to an astonishing conclusion after integrating loose and random historical events, disintegrating political, economic and other factors with behavioral finance group psychology analysis walking through 300 years of investment history. He also has gradually come to a clear picture of the trend for each cycle of economic ups and downs, the key nodes in bear market and bull market.
  • Fisher, Kan
  • Guangdong Peoples Publishing House
  • 2013
  • 252
  • 9787218083797
32.5 Euro   1,999 Денари.

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