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Echoes of Ruin

Seven short Horus Heresy audio dramas set in the Age of Darkness, including the brand new 'Wolf's Claw' by Chris Wraight, as well as full studio scripts and desktop wallpapers. As war continues to ravage the galaxy, the new Age of Darkness sees whole systems simply lost and countless battles forgotten. Surely, there can be no hope for peace, forgiveness or respite in such times, and all that will be left are the dying warp-echoes of supreme galactic ruin... This two-disc anthology features six short audio dramas set in the Age of Darkness - 'Veritas Ferrum' by David Annandale, 'Warmaster' by John French, 'Strike and Fade' by Guy Haley, 'Lucius, the Eternal Blade' by Graham McNeill, 'The Eightfold Path' by Anthony Reynolds and 'Guardian of Order' by Gav Thorpe. Also included is Chris Wraight's brand new audio drama 'Wolf's Claw', along with exclusive desktop wallpapers and the full studio scripts for all seven recordings. Editorial Reviews
  • Annandale, David
  • Games Workshop
  • 2014
  • 9781849707411
17.9 Euro   1,099 Денари.

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