Engineering & Materials Science , Environmental Engineering

Fundamentals of Ground Engineering

Fundamentals of Ground Engineering is an unconventional study guide that serves up the key principles, theories, definitions, and analyses of geotechnical engineering in bite-sized pieces. This book contains brief--one or two pages per topic--snippets of information covering the geotechnical engineering component of a typical undergraduate course in civil engineering as well as some topics for advanced courses. Written in note form, it summarizes the basic principles and theories of soil mechanics, the procedures for creating a geotechnical model, and the common analyses for slopes, foundations, and walls. Puts the mechanics into soil mechanics Presents information that is simple to use--structured around diagrams and formulae with few words Explains detailed analyses given in the longer standard texts A short, easily read summary of the basic theories and routine analyses of ground engineering, Fundamentals of Ground Engineering incorporates plenty of diagrams and concentrated data without going into detailed explanations. This text is an ideal reference for students, practicing civil engineers--senior and junior--and by engineering geologists.
  • Atkinson, John
  • CRC Press Inc
  • 2014
  • 242
  • 9781482206173
24.4 Euro   1,499 Денари.

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