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Leading from the Heart: Sufi principles at work

Leading from the Heart: Sufi Principles at Work merges management with spirituality. The author has given Sufi sagacity, a theme of spirituality, a new dimension by blending it with leadership in all realms of life. The book is an attempt to sensitise the hearts and fill the souls of managers and leaders with Sufi sagacity. It aspires to rebuild confidence in ancient values, virtues and wisdom, which are distancing from us with the passage of time. It assists readers in taking a sharp U-turn from 'what we think is good' to 'what is really good'. Within these pages, the reader will find an exhaustive study of many Sufis and their thoughts in prose and poetry. Besides Sufis, the book also focuses on Chinese philosophy, especially Wu Wei, Tai Chi, Yin/Yang and iChing, and on Lao Tzu's book Tao Te Ching. These complex philosophies have been presented in an accessible manner.
  • Siddiqui, Moid
  • Sage Publications
  • 2014
  • 208
  • 9788132113706
17.9 Euro   1,099 Денари.

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