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FIDIC Quick Reference Guide Pink Book

The FIDIC Handbook Series will form a series of low cost guides to all FIDIC Contract administrators. They will ensure that appropriate timely actions are taken during the course of a construction contract in order to improve communication, stimulate better administration and highlight accountability at an early stage, thereby improving the working relationships between the parties and reducing the potential for disputes. The guidelines suggest actions for each party to take, stipulate the time to take such action, provide relevant comments and includes model letters where appropriate for each Sub-Clause within the Contract. This book, FIDIC Handbook - Pink, provides commentary on the Pink Book: The MDB Harmonised Edition of the Red Book for use with contracts which have been financed by one of the participating multilateral development banks.
  • Barr, Brian
  • ICE Publishing
  • 2014
  • 121
  • 9780727760425
48.8 Euro   2,999 Денари.

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