Engineering & Materials Science , Special topic

Polymers in Regenerative Medicine: Biomedical Applications from Nano- to Macro-Structures

Biomedical applications of Polymers from Scaffolds to Nanostructures The ability of polymers to span wide ranges of mechanical properties and morph into desired shapes makes them useful for a variety of applications, including scaffolds, self-assembling materials, and nanomedicines. With an interdisciplinary list of subjects and contributors, this book overviews the biomedical applications of polymers and focuses on the aspect of regenerative medicine. Chapters also cover fundamentals, theories, and tools for scientists to apply polymers in the following ways: Matrix protein interactions with synthetic surfaces Methods and materials for cell scaffolds Complex cell-materials microenvironments in bioreactors Polymer therapeutics as nano-sized medicines for tissue repair Functionalized mesoporous materials for controlled delivery Nucleic acid delivery nanocarriers Concepts include macro and nano requirements for polymers as well as future perspectives, trends, and challenges in the field. From self-assembling peptides to self-curing systems, this book presents the full therapeutic potential of novel polymeric systems and topics that are in the leading edge of technology.
  • Vicent, Maria J.
  • Wiley-Blackwell
  • 2015
  • 416
  • 9780470596388
139.8 Euro   8,599 Денари.

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