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McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology (McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology (20v.))

A tradition of excellence continues with the long-awaited Tenth Edition of McGraw-Hill's Encyclopedia of Science & Technology The definitive source for keeping up with the amazing changes in science and technology - complete with more than 1,700 new and updated articles Free supplemental website available to all users! Featuring entries written by international leaders in science and technology selected by McGraw-Hill's distinguished board of consulting editors, no other reference so thoroughly and dynamically chronicles the expanding frontier, facts, and trends so vital to students, professionals, and general readers. For more than four decades, McGraw-Hill's Encyclopedia of Science & Technology has provided readers with the information they need in an understandable, authoritative way that invites critical inquiry and captures the imagination. There is truly nothing else like it and no library can be called complete without it. Readers will find 7,000+ articles covering nearly 100 fields of science in this amazing 20 volume set. The new Tenth Edition features more than 1,700 new and updated articles, 12,000+ illustrations, and more than 5000 contributors - including 25 Nobel Prize winners. Also new to the Tenth Edition is a companion website that will provide selected updates to the Encyclopedia along with additional material such as special graphics and illustrations. The logical organization of the 20 volumes, a 500 page analytical index, an extensive topic index, along with Study Guides, make finding information fast and easy. Cutting-edge topics covered include: Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Cloning, Food Allergy, Genomics, Stem Cells, Cellular Automata, Computational Intelligence, Computer-Aided Circuit Design, Voice-Over IP, Water Supply Engineering, Fossil Humans, Fossil Primates, and many, many more.
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  • 2007
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