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Motorsiege: Warriors of Primetime-PlayStation 2

Presented as a non-stop action televised sports show, players are challenged to compete for fame and fortune as they go head-to head in the Motorsiege Arenas. Confront your hostiles hell-bent on your destruction with futuristic high-tech vehicles armed with a barrage of cannons, lasers, missiles, mines and other explosive goodies in this highly charged, intense battle of wills, wits and weapons. Choice of Game Modes: Siege, Survival, Chase and DeathmatchSelect from Arcade: single or multiplayer match, Career: test your skills in the full Motorsiege season or Options: customise controls, display and soundMultitude of Weapons: Blast Mine, Mini-Nuke, Seeker Missile, Mortar Launcher, Plasma Cannon, Heavy Laser, Rocket Pod, Gatling Gun, Plasma Pulse Rifle plus othersChoice of futuristic high-tech vehicles: Armadillo, Cruiser, Firestorm, Nubber, Rhino and TempestLarger than life characters including: Manic Minor, Suburban Vampire, Granny, Captain Future, Ultra Ape, Andy/Karnage, Tank Buzzsaw and Frankenstein
  • Lightspeed Games
  • Play It
  • 2003
  • 5060057020388
22.7 Euro   1,399 Денари.

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