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Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident-Wii

The seek-and-solve fun of the Mystery Case Files series makes its first appearance on the Wii system with the Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident game. Players must unravel the mystery behind the enigmatic Malgrave Island by using the Wii Remote controller to search for clues, solve puzzles and find cleverly concealed items in multilayered hidden-object scenes. The game's puzzle-based fun is enhanced by a captivating storyline and new multiplayer modes that allow up to four friends to test their sleuthing skills together. For the first time in the Mystery Case Files series, hidden-object scenes have three visual layers, requiring players to zoom and scroll to find certain objects using the Wii Remote controller. Each hidden-object scene contains an inventory item that will help players access new areas, solve other puzzles and unravel the mysteries of Malgrave Island. In addition to puzzles, players will encounter hidden collectible items that can
  • unlock bonus stories.To aid players in locating hard-to-find items, a hint button in the form of an on-screen magnifying glass can be used to highlight the area surrounding certain objects.Three competitive multiplayer modes can be played with up to four players. Each multiplayer match consists of three rounds. Players can choose options such as each player's skill level and select a hidden-object scene for each round. Multiplayer games include Swift Pick (players compete to find hidden objects first), Tick Tick Pick (players must find hidden objects and pass the bomb before it explodes) and Classic Pick (players race to find the greatest number of hidden objects). Additional controllers are required for multiplayer modes and are sold separately.In Adventure Mode, up to four people can play cooperatively to solve the multilayered hidden-object scenes. The main player controls the camera and additional players can join in on the adventure at any time during normal game play.A gripping storyline will keep players engaged as they progress through the game's puzzle-based challenges. Legend has it that a strange dust found on Malgrave Island has the power to cure any illness. As players collect the dust, they also unearth the island's many mysteries and raise questions about a wealthy industrialist with a secretive past.
    • Big Fish Games
    • Nintendo
    • 2011
    • 18113990033
    22.7 Euro   1,399 Денари.

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