Engineering & Materials Science , Telecommunications

Self-Healing Systems and Wireless Networks Management

Do you believe in open-source development? Would you like to see your security system grow and learn by itself? Are you sick of paying for software license fees every year that produce little return on investment? And, would you prefer to invest in something you could sell later on to other IT security departments? If you answered yes to these questions, then this is the book for you. Addressing the issues of fault identification and classification, Self-Healing Systems and Wireless Networks Management presents a method for identifying and classifying faults using causal reasoning-a powerful bottom up technique for deep surface and cross context correlation establishment. It explains how to employ a similarity matrix to match the user activity log and its pattern in a transformed space and discusses the development and deployment of a policy engine. The book describes how to use this self-growing policy engine in collaboration with a scheduler and plug-in bank to generate a healing policy. This healing policy presents the solution of the direct and causal fault. The author describes how to embed the solutions of the related faults in the healing policy so that if a client faces more faults related to the previous one, they can be addressed at the client side. Exploring prototype systems, the text defines supporting systems architectures and includes a case study of an autonomic healing-based self-management engine. It also explains how to fulfill the tasks in linear time, so that the increase in the source file size does not affect the performance of your system-making the system highly scalable for distributed self-healing systems. This book provides valuable guidance to help you build a self-growing, self -earning, self-healing system that, after development, learns for itself about the IT security vulnerabilities of your organization and fills the holes for future breach prevention. Editorial Reviews
  • Chaudhry, Junaid Ahsenali
  • CRC Press Inc
  • 2013
  • 182
  • 9781466556485
74.8 Euro   4,599 Денари.

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