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Batman by Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo Box Set

Book Description The first three volumes of the #1 NEW YORK TIMES best-selling creative team's juggernaut run on the Dark Knight is now available in the BATMAN BY SCOTT SNYDER & GREG CAPULLO BOX SET! From creating the deadly Gotham City cabal known as the Court of Owls to orchestrating the menacing return of the horrifying JO Snyder and Capullo have made their mark as one of the great duos in Batman's history. Their first three critically acclaimed, award-winning graphic novels--BATMAN VOL. 1: THE COURT OF OWLS, BATMAN VOL. 2: CITY OF OWLS and BATMAN VOL. 3: DEATH OF THE FAMILY--are featured here in a slipcase edition box set. This new collection is the perfect addition for any hardcore fan, as well as a great jumping-on point to one of the greatest comic book runs of all time. The BATMAN BY SCOTT SNYDER & GREG CAPULLO BOX SET is a perfect gift idea for the holidays or September 2016's Batman Day!
  • Snyder, Scott ; Capullo, Greg
  • DC Comics
  • 2016
  • 560
  • 9781401267667
48.76 Euro   2,999 Денари.

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