Engineering & Materials Science , Materials Science

Materials: Engineering, Science, Processing and Design

The ultimate materials engineering resource for anyone developing skills and understanding of materials properties and selection for engineering applications. The book is a visually lead approach to understanding core materials properties and how these apply to selection and design. Linked with Granta Design's market-leading materials selection software which is used by organisations as diverse as Rolls-Royce, GE-Aviation, Honeywell, NASA and Los Alamos National Labs. a?? A complete introduction to the science and selection of materials in engineering, manufacturing, processing and product design a?? Unbeatable package from Professor Mike Ashby, the world's leading materials selection innovator and developer of the Granta Design materials selection software a?? Links to materials selection software used widely by brand-name corporations, which shows how to optimise materials choice for products by performance, charateristics or cost
  • Ashby, Michael F.
  • Elsevier Science
  • 2007
  • 528
  • 9780750683913
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