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How Artists See Play
How Artists See is designed to teach children the art of observation and increase their visual literacy. These interactive, inquiry-based books - great for both home and classroom - invite young readers to compare and contrast the ways in which different artists treat similar themes. They are an ideal way to introduce kids to art. This new edition of How Artists See Play is revised and redesigned from cover to cover. More than two-thirds of the featured artworks are newly selected, and they are even more stylistically and culturally diverse - ranging from an ancient Egyptian sculpture to a Persian miniature to a woodcarving by a contemporary Hispanic artist. Also available in the series: How Artists See Work ISBN 9780789213594 How Artists See Families ISBN 9780789213495 How Artists See Animals ISBN 9780789213488
  • Carroll, Colleen
  • Abbeville Press Inc.,U.S.
  • 48
  • Hardback
  • 9780789213587
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