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Wacky World Of Sports-Wii
Wacky World of Sports takes players on a trip around the world to take part in some of the lesser known sports of countries like Italy, the Netherlands and Australia. The ten sports featured in the game all start easy enough but the more advanced a player becomes the more extreme the sports become! Tuna Tossing has been a popular sport down under for a number of years, but just how far can a tuna be thrown in the comfort of the living room? Drag out an old armchair to take part in Furniture Racing, but make sure Grandma is not still sitting in it because those chairs are fast! And if that's still not bizarre enough, how about ironing a shirt while sky diving in the Extreme Ironing event?! 10 wild and crazy events - Based on real life sport challenges from around the world, test your skills in a variety of mind-boggling events in Tour Mode or four person multiplayer.Off the wall characters - A cast of over a dozen crazy characters, each with personalities as eccentric as the sports they play, will be your team mates and your opposition on your relentless quest for world domination.Multi player mini-game party-time - Compete in multiplayer mode against family and friends for non-stop hilarious action.Tour mode - Become the No.1 athlete in the World Tour mode, which will allow players to unlock even more wacky characters.Fun for the whole family - Gradual learning curve and multiple skill levels for each event will provide challenges and laughs for gamers of all levels and ages.
  • SEGA
  • Sega of America
  • 2009
  • 5055277001156
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