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Rise of Nightmares (Kinect) /X360
Rise of Nightmares is a single player Survival-Horror game exclusive to Xbox 360 that brings truly mature gameplay to the console's Kinect Sensor* accessory for the first time. Utilizing the Kinect Sensor's unique motion capture technology, the game allows for completely controller-free gameplay in a spine-tingling game environment filled with fearful anticipation, terror and of course, zombies. Additional features of the game include: a gripping storyline, dozens of melee and bladed weapons. Rise of Nightmares game logo An assortment of uniformed zombies coming at you in Rise of Nightmares The Survival-Horror genre truly comes to the Kinect Sensor. View larger. An early in the game human only scene form Rise of Nightmares Survive a nightmare that engulfs an unsuspecting couple. View larger. Experience Josh's Nightmares Through the Kinect Sensor Rise of Nightmares is a true first - an unabashedly mature experience for Xbox 360 using the Kinect Sensor. Players take on the role of the well-meaning, but flawed hero, Josh. Intent on saving his faltering marriage to wife Kate, he sets off on what is intended as a romantic rail trip through Eastern Europe only see her kidnapped by a grotesque henchman. Not exactly the happy ending that was intended, he pursues but finds himself at the mercy of his target, a mad and morbidly creative scientist named Viktor, who is backed by various minions, including an army of zombie-like creations. Your goal is to survive one hellish night as you fight hand-to-hand against your enemies using the hands-free controls of Microsoft Kinect and attempt to find and free Kate. Movement and Weapons To survive Josh's nightmare you will need to utilize the Kinect Sensor to explore the game environments and discover the weapons needed to combat enemies. The game features dozens of diverse weapons of both the melee and slashing variety. These include everything from the standard fare of knives, axes, chainsaws and your bare hands and feet, to more gory contraptions that will rip your foes limb from limb if wielded correctly. Movement throughout the game is controllerless via the motion control capacity of the Kinect sensor, which recreates your every move whether that be running, backpedaling, side steps, balancing moves, jumps and more. The Kinect Sensor also allows for precision attacks, including punches, kicks, and blocks, as well as hacks and slashes with weapons that are also picked up using the Kinect Sensor. Adding to your horrific challenge, certain enemies may require attacks using specific weapons or combinations of weapons, and weapons are also degradable - meaning that th
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