Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror , Science Fiction

Path of the Eldar Omnibus
Description The eldar of the craftworlds devote their lives to the pursuit of perfection, following a series of paths which will their actions and decide their fates. Three friends - Korlandril, Thirianna and Aradryan - part company to walk their chosen paths - Warrior, Seer and Outcast - little realising how the actions of one will affect the others, and indeed their world. As Aradryan's choices bring the wrath of the Imperium down upon Alaitoc, it falls to Korlandril and Thirianna to defend their home - if they can avoid becoming stuck on their paths and being lost forever.
  • Thorpe, Gav
  • Games Workshop
  • 2014
  • 768
  • Paperback
  • 9781849705769
22,75 15,92 Euro   1.399 979 Денари.
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