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Medicine, Nursing & Dentistry , Human Anatomy

Mosby's Human Anatomy Through Dissection For EMS: Chest Anatomy DVD
Description EMS providers need to thoroughly understand how the human body functions in its normal state so they can recognize problems and clearly communicate those problems to patients. A solid foundation in anatomy and physiology will help your students become superior clinicians, and Mosby's Human Anatomy through Dissection Series for EMS: Chest Anatomy DVD will help create this foundation. Through the use of dissection, this DVD makes human anatomy relevant and understandable for your students and offers: * Videos include line art, animations, x-rays, and CT scans to reinforce anatomy concepts. * Dissections of both a male and a female cadaver show organs and systems of the body in vivid detail to help students understand their relationship to EMS education. * Drawings, animations, x-rays, and CT scans of body structures and systems show important landmarks to help students easily locate internal structures. * Detailed and insightful commentary from expert educators that explains the dissection process relating human anatomy to prehospital care.
  • Learning, Jones & Bartlett
  • Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc
  • 2008
  • 240
  • Hardback
  • 9780323053273
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