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Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden-Nintendo 3DS
2-D Dragon Ball Z fighting returns with fast-paced, hard-hitting action in Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden! Featuring over 100 characters from the Dragon Ball Z universe, feel the destructive power of bone-crushing blows as you execute and chain together multi-hit combos. Command character specific move-sets and unleash epic Super Moves to deal devastating damage! Over 100 characters from the Dragon Ball Z universe including fan favorites such as Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Freiza and Cell! Play as characters from the new Dragon Ball Z: Ressurection F' animated film
  • Developed by Arc System Works, a fan-favorite fighting game developer
  • Fast-paced 2-D fighting engine - Perform advanced ground & air combos
  • Form your ultimate Dragon Ball Z team and command them in a Team Battle! Re-create legendary showdowns from the animated series!
  • Call upon z-assist characters in the midst of battle to take gameplay to a whole new level!
  • Multiple Game Modes:
    • Z-Story - Play the game as one of your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters
    • Adventure Mode - Take on missions across eight regions where you can find gear and companions
    • Extreme World Tournament - Become the World Tournament Champion in this extremely challenging mode
    • Battle Mode - Select a character and battle against CPU opponents
    • Versus Mode - Battle another player via local wireless conntection
    • Quest Mode - Create, view and trade Guild Cards via StreetPass
    • Bandai Namco
    • Bandai Namco
    • 2015
    • Cartridge
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