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Economics , Economic Development

Routledge Handbook of South Asian Economics
Description Now available in paperback, the Routledge Handbook of South Asian Economics addresses the recent economic transformation in South Asia. Leading experts in the field look at the major economic achievements and challenges for the region and examine why economic development across the South Asia region has diverged so significantly since the early 1990s. Providing a cutting-edge review of the economies of South Asia, the Handbook analyzes key growth areas as well as key structural weaknesses and policy challenges facing these economies. Furthermore, it anticipates trends and suggests corrective measures for the South Asian economic region. Sections focus on issues of human development, such as inequality, poverty and quality of schooling, and monetary and fiscal issues, particularly in light of the ongoing global financial crisis. Further sections discuss issues relating to employment and infrastructure, and on the experience of the region with international trade and financial flows, and environmental challenges. Written by renowned and respected experts on South Asian economics, this Handbook is an invaluable reference work for students and academics as well as policy makers interested in South Asian Studies, Economics and Development Studies.
  • Jha, Raghbendra
  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • 2016
  • 328
  • Paperback
  • 9781138677838
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