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Geography, Geology & Environmental Sciences , Environmental Management, Policy & Planning

Collaborative Land Use Management : The Quieter Revolution in Place-Based Planning
Description Collaborative Land Use Management: The Quieter Revolution in Place-Based Planning discusses the less-regulatory approaches to land use management that have emerged over the past 35 years, analyzing the collective value of such place-based planning approaches as land trusts, open-space ballot measures, watershed conservancies, ecoregional plans, and smart-growth initiatives. Collaborative Land Use Management appraises these trends from physical, social, economic, civic, and environmental justice perspectives. Mason seeks to answer such questions as: * What are the environmental justice implications of smart-growth efforts? * How is the property-rights movement affecting collaborative planning? * What is the significance of newly created planning regions? * What do these approaches mean in the larger context of the future of the American landscape? * How do we begin to evaluate and assess these efforts? Robert Mason pulls together a wide array of land-use planning initiatives into a synthetic and critical story. Incorporating many insightful case studies, Collaborative Land-Use Management is intended for planners, practitioners, policy-makers, geographers, and students with interests in environment and landscape.
  • Mason, Robert J.
  • Rowman & Littlefield
  • 2007
  • 370
  • Hardback
  • 9780742547001
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