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Farewell Waltz
Description Farewell Waltz is a dark farce that takes on sex, murder, and motherhood with a lightheartedness at once chilling and profound. It is one of Kundera's most accessible novels. Celebrated and distinguished, with an international following, Kundera commands a legion of readers who will be eager to discover, and rediscover, this gem of a novel.aSet in an old-fashioned Central European spa town, eight chracters are swept up as in an accelerating dance: a pretty nurse and her repairman boyfriend; and oddball gynecologist; a rich American (at once saint and Don Juan); a popular trumpeter and his beautiful, obsessively jealous wife; and unillusioned former political prisoner about to leave his country and his young woman ward.aThis beautiful new translation, made-like the now standard 1996 translation of Milan Kundera'sThe Book of Laughter and Forgetting-from the French text prepared by the novelist himself, fully reflects his own tone and intentions. As such, it offers an opportunity both for the discover and the rediscovery of one of the very best of a great writer's works.
  • Kundera, Milan
  • HarperCollins Publishers Inc
  • 1998
  • 288
  • Paperback
  • 9780060997007
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