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Sales Management. Simplified. : The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team
Description Every day, expert consultants like Mike Weinberg are called on by companies large and small to figure out why their sales departments are falling short. Is it lazy and ineffective salespeople? Is it outdated methods of client building? Why are these team members not producing as they should? And more often than not, the answers are not what they expected: the issue lies not with the sales team . . . but with how it is being led.In Sales Management. Simplified. Weinberg tells it straight, calling out the problems plaguing sales forces and the costly mistakes made by even the best-intentioned sales managers. In most organizations he has been hired as a consultant, he has found that through their attitude and actions, senior executives and sales managers have unknowingly been undermining the performances of their employees. But the good news is, that with the right guidance, results can be transformed. In this invaluable resource, Weinberg teaches managers how to:* Implement a simple framework for sales leadership* Foster a healthy, high-performance sales culture* Conduct productive meetings* Put the right people in the right roles* Retain top producers and remediate underperformers* Point salespeople at the proper targets* And much moreBlending blunt, practical advice with funny stories from the field, Sales Management. Simplified. delivers the tools every sales manager needs to succeed. The solution starts with you!
  • Weinberg, Mike
  • Harpercollins Focus
  • 2016
  • 224
  • Hardback
  • 9780814436431
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