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Crime & Thriller , Crime

Friend of the Family : You invited her in. Now she wants you out. The gripping page-turner you don't want to miss.
Description From the Sunday Times bestselling author of THE POOL HOUSE, a sensationally twisty page-turner about a woman with the perfect life and a woman determined to steal it. 'Gripping from the off... sexy, scandalous brilliance... this book is a genuine must *****' Heat 'A book to cancel plans for - we were completely gripped' Closer She thinks your life is perfect. She thinks you don't deserve it. Your job Amy is more than happy to offer the daughter of an old friend work experience at her London magazine. Josie is young and ambitious. She just needs a foot in the door. Your home When Josie arrives, she swiftly makes herself indispensable at work and at home. And when childcare falls through before a long-awaited university reunion in Provence, it begins to look as if Josie may be staying longer than Amy had bargained for. Your husband In the heat of Provence, Josie's presence starts to unsettle Amy, especially around her husband. As cracks begin to appear in Amy's perfect life, she cannot shake the feeling that the family friend may not be a friend at all... Don't miss this gripping, addictive read. It will make you think twice about who you invite into your home...
  • Perry, Tasmina
  • Headline Publishing Group
  • 2019
  • 384
  • Paperback
  • 9781472208576
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